Tuesday 10 March 2020

St Joseph’s Students Smash GCSE-Level Work Two Years Early

St Joseph’s College is celebrating some outstanding results in the Higher Project Qualification, with 100% of the Year 8 and Year 9 students taking part achieving A*-C grades and 16 of the 21 awarded A*-A.

The AQA qualification is marked at GCSE-level and provides bright students with a flying start to their public examination journeys.

HPQ gives students the opportunity to carry out independent research on a topic area of their own choice and allows them to discover the joys of independent learning, take responsibility for their own study and develop transferable life and study skills.

Some of the topics the St Joseph’s College students chose to explore included: ‘How differently has the First World War been formally commemorated in Britain and Germany?’, ‘Has the Age of the Motor Car had a positive or negative impact in Britain?’, ‘How effective is sports psychology in competitive sport?’, ‘To what extent does protective gear help or hinder rugby players?’ and ‘Who was to blame for Bloody Sunday?’.

Mrs Clarke, Principal of St Joseph’s College said: ‘This is an outstanding achievement for these 13 and 14-year-old students, who undertook the HPQ during the Enrichment Hour, which forms part of our Lower School curriculum. At St Joseph’s, we are determined to stretch our most academically able youngsters by providing additional opportunities and these 16 girls and boys have risen to the challenge particularly brilliantly. Their success will undoubtedly bolster their academic aspirations.’

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