There’s no perfect school – but there is the right one

We’re not in the business of mass production; every child is unique. You will find some characteristics common to our students which include friendliness, courtesy, thoughtfulness, confidence and ambition. At St Jo’s, every child matters and every child counts.

We aim to be a safe haven in which children thrive

There are a lot of schools out there and choosing the right one for your child can seem daunting. Class sizes, breadth of curriculum, after-school care, occasional boarding… There’s so much to weigh up.

However, most parents would agree that the happiness of their children is paramount. We believe that too. Happy children learn best, are emboldened to be creative and flourish in the presence of their teachers, classmates and teammates.

We want our students to be happy to take on responsibility, happy to be well-supported independent learners, happy to represent their school and happy to take up the many opportunities available to them. Growing up can be a complicated business. Inclusive and forward-looking, St Joseph’s is dedicated to helping students navigate their way to fulfilling and successful futures as global citizens of the 21st century.


We believe all students can become successful learners for whom lessons are full of interest and wonder. We want our girls and boys of all ages to value the progress they make and be proud of their achievements.

Our teachers accomplish this by infusing lessons with their own enthusiasm, by introducing innovative and bold materials and techniques to enliven the curriculum and by being alert to every child’s needs – including those who require extra help and those ready to forge ahead.

Good manners and attentiveness are expected from a young age. Children are encouraged to take pride in their work and to take some degree of responsibility for it. We highly value the partnership of parents in ensuring reading practice is done and that spellings and times tables are gradually mastered. As students progress through to senior school and Sixth Form, the responsibility lies more squarely with them, but staff are always ready to help in the case of difficulty.

Parents are kept in the loop. The Go4schools portal keeps parents informed of their child’s progress and predicted pathways. Technology and engineering are harnessed – and taught as academic subjects – throughout St Joseph’s College. A commitment is currently underway to introduce 1-to-1 iPads for all Senior and Sixth Form students as a tool to empower them for higher education and the workplace.



Mention St Jo’s and someone will reply, Rugby! We are renowned as a rugby school and we’re proud of our reputation as such, but there’s so much more to us than a single sport. For starters, we believe every child should enjoy physical activity and that all benefit from healthy active lifestyles. Sport for all to enjoy would be closer to summing us up.

We believe in the power of fun and encouragement to draw out the inner athlete. As in all aspects of education, we understand that we must motivate a range of children with different interests and preferences, from those for whom sport and exercise are the pinnacle of the timetable to those who have yet to feel inspired by Games and PE.

From Prep School to Sixth Form, we ensure inclusivity and breadth of offering mean no one is left out. Participation and perseverance always pay. We deliver an outstanding sport provision, fostering a positive culture of health and fitness across the College.

No doubt about it, we offer a fantastic experience for sporty girls and boys and a solid examination and career pathway for our elite athletes with our performance sports: rugby, football and cricket for boys, and football, cricket and netball for girls.


Creative and Performing Arts

When it comes to the arts, students at St Joseph’s College are frequently invited to step outside their comfort zones, for it is then the real magic and learning happens.

Artist Henri Matisse summed up our approach to the creative and performing arts when he said, ‘Another word for creativity is courage.’

 From the earliest years, children are invited and encouraged to paint, draw, sing, dance, act, recite, play music, design and build. We know their natural creativity is just waiting to be unleashed. As they progress through the College the opportunities keep on coming – nativity plays, summer productions, pantomimes, musicals, lunchtime concerts, evening concerts, dance shows, art exhibitions, masterclasses… it’s endless.

Inspiration comes through vibrant, world-view lessons, of course, but also from great masterpieces on trips to galleries in Britain and abroad, visits to thought-provoking plays and participation in instrumental and choral events. Our annual Arts Festival gives creativity free rein.

Awarded Artsmark Gold by the Arts Council, St Joseph’s College is recognised as a centre of excellence for its arts provision. The school also partners with Arts International, an organisation which brings leading lights of the professional theatre into schools and colleges to work with students on projects from Shakespeare to hip-hop.



You can expect your child to be tired at the end of the school day, tired in the good way that comes from using their brains, exercising their imaginations and being physically active.

Some of that weary but happy, got-it-all-done satisfaction will have come from our broad and exciting extra-curricular provision.

There are so many clubs to choose from once lessons draw to a close. Students can sharpen their green credentials at the Eco Club, work on computing or engineering projects, learn a new sport or practise a familiar one, develop some cookery skills or even get their homework out of the way! Many clubs support and extend academic work, developing skills such as academic research and public speaking.

We believe in the value of residential trips for developing independence and whether that’s a few nights spent at an outdoor adventure centre or several weeks in Australia, China or Argentina on a school exchange, the added value is astonishing. At the end of each trip, the child we return to you will be that bit more confident and a little more worldly-wise.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is another excellent source of creating that confidence without arrogance we like to see in our students. Our extra-curricular programme aims to offer something for everyone and as with the Arts, our girls and boys are urged to try something new.


Eyes Forward; Hearts Ready

With 600 children and young adults gazing towards the world they will inherit, St Joseph’s College is forward thinking and future focused.

Our curriculum retains its solid academic base but is also ever evolving to reflect the best of current practice and to incorporate the most beneficial refinements for meeting the needs of the 21st century.

We embrace democratic values and individual liberty and demonstrate them through courtesy, kindness and tolerance. We hold to our Christian values, whilst welcoming those of all faiths and none.

Our community is very important to us. The family feel of St Jo’s sets us apart from other schools and we cherish it. We value our ‘stakeholders’ and recognise them as individual men, women and children. We want our students to thrive – and our staff too.

Our campus is beautiful and our facilities are excellent, but as we are never complacent, both will continue to be improved. Our aim is for students and staff to work, rest and play in the very best accommodation we can provide, equipped with the most innovative tools. We are committed to carbon neutrality by 2030.

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