Boarding Life Packed with Academics, Sports and Creativity for Students

We want our boarders to make themselves at home. Goldrood House and The Mews are their home for the duration and should be as cosy and comfortable as a favourite pair of slippers.

Relishing every moment as a St Jo’s Boarder

From the 7.00 am wake up call Boarders can leap straight into productive days, with time before school begins to fit in some reading or games practice. There’s a short leafy walk to the dining hall, Refs, for breakfast before joining their tutor groups and reuniting with friends among the day students. An Assembly might follow, with the whole student population. Lessons run until 3.45 pm – with break and lunch of course! – and the Development Hour gives scope to try out new things, follow interests or boost academic learning.

After supper, the boarders return to their houses for structured study, chilling out and bedtime – 10.15 pm for lights out at 10.30pm (depending on age). Sleep, repeat. But no two days are actually the same – that’s the beauty of boarding.

A Community Within a Community

There’s something unique about boarding friendships. Boarders get to know one another so well – especially in the hours out of school time, when they eat together, study together, relax together and squeeze the fun and laughter out of every day. Happy boarding houses model happy families.  There may be the occasional squabble but when all’s said and done the boarders know 100 percent that they’re among friends.

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