A Community of individuals

We value every child as an individual and recognise they learn at different speeds in different ways. We are ambitious for every one of them and determined to see each soar.

We see brilliance in every child and encourage them to shine at every stage

The immediate intrinsic and infectious warmth of St Joseph’s College guarantees children are accepted into the fold whether they arrive as two-year-olds in the Nursery or as young adults joining the Sixth Form.  As an independent through-school, we offer continuity of experience when it matters, but rest assured, your son or daughter will feel at home in no time. 

Our core values of aspiration, respect and confidence permeate academics at St Joseph’s College. Our teachers aspire to instil a true love of learning in our students and we believe every student in turn should aspire to reach or surpass their academic potential. Success is achieved via the mutual respect that bolsters the confidence of every learner.  

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Sport for fun and sport for glory. St Jo’s is renowned for its sport and we are proud of that. We believe everyone benefits from being active, getting out in the fresh air, competing and working as part of a team, so our sports programme is inclusive. Our highly-qualified staff and exceptional facilities bring out the best in performance athletes and those participating for the sheer joy of it alike.

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Creativity adds vitality and delight to so much of life and engenders solutions to the trickiest problems. Our students are encouraged to develop the sparks of creativity within them all – in the art studio, on the stage, in the engineering workshop or facing a mathematical conundrum. From Nursery to Upper Sixth, opportunities abound to capture and reflect life in all its amazing beauty, complexity and variety.

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So much learning takes place alongside and beyond the school day curriculum. From their earliest years, our youngsters know the value of staying in for a lunchtime concert, staying on for the martial arts club or signing up for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Expertise across a huge range of interests is on offer and our students are gently prompted and encouraged to try something new.

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