Old Birkfeldians at
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Our alumni matter to us across the decades.

Once a Joey, always a Joey

We prepare our students for life, not just for exams or university, and we are proud to wave them off into the world at the end of their studies. It’s not goodbye though – it’s just the beginning of a new chapter as they join the ranks of our alumni, our Old Birkfeldians.

Our pride in and affection for our students does not disappear once they leave the College, and we are delighted to report that they like to keep in touch with us too. We wave them off to their exciting new destinations around the UK and the world, with friendly reminders to keep in touch and let us know how they’re getting on.

The family feel of St Jo’s is never more apparent than at our Upper Sixth’s final assembly as young people we are invested in, talk about what the school means to them. We wear our heart on our sleeve, as we listen to them and our pride in their achievements and ambitions is plain to see.

Many are back at the school within a year or two, demonstrating how far they’ve travelled but still Joeys at heart. They’ll tour the art rooms again, shake the hands of former teachers and stop to reflect in the Chapel and we are always delighted to have our students back.

As years pass, our OBs become immersed in their own careers and families and perhaps the reunions come slightly less frequently – nonetheless we are always delighted to welcome them back at big College set pieces, like the Rugby Festival, or when they happen to be back in the area, visiting friends and family.

It is a great pity that some of the older generations of OBs have slipped away from us. Our aim is for every former member of the student body to be a registered Old Birkfeldian. Membership of the OBs is automatic, but unless individuals opt in we are unable to contact them and send newsletters and invitations. It’s a simple process and it’s free.

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