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A friendly and inclusive day and boarding school, St Joseph’s College welcomes applications from overseas families.  We celebrate community and understand the positive effects a diverse and tolerant student body can have on young people preparing for exciting and fulfilling futures.

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International students settle into life at
St Joseph’s quickly and this is in part due to our strong boarding community and outstanding pastoral care.

The school is well known for its caring and supportive atmosphere, in which each child is known, valued and cared for by all. Time is carefully balanced between study, recreation and relaxation. There are no weekend exeats and our Boarding Plus offering means that, if required, accommodation can be made available during the school’s February and May half-term holidays and sometimes during the Easter holidays.

Why St Jo’s?

International Admissions Process

From the start of the enquiry process through to acceptance of an offer at our International Boarding School, St Jo’s will support you every step of the way.

St Joseph’s welcomes applications from pupils across the globe. Families should first contact our friendly Admissions team. They will discuss your child’s details and provide you with all relevant information. Visits to St Jo’s can be arranged for international families, but we appreciate that this is not possible for all families. 

If you wish to pursue an application, we ask that you complete and return the College Registration Form. Please note, a non-refundable registration fee is also required at this stage. Once a Registration Form has been submitted, along with their most recent school report and copies of the student’s passport and birth certificate, an academic reference from the student’s current school will be requested.

All students are interviewed by the College Principal, Deputy Principal or International  Liaison Officer, either in person or virtually, usually via Zoom. All applicants will have an English proficiency assessment.  For entry into the Sixth Form to study A-level courses, an IELTS 5.0 – 5.5 is required as a minimum.

Finally, if we believe that the ‘fit’ is a good one, the required academic standard has been met, and that the child will make a positive contribution to the College, a provisional offer will be made subject to a positive school reference being received.


In order to attend St Joseph’s College, all international pupils, including those from the EU, are required to hold the correct visa and cannot begin their studies in the UK until the school has a copy of it.

A CAS letter (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) is compulsory for all non-UK pupils who do not hold a valid UK visa, to study and live in the UK. St Joseph’s College can issue this upon receipt of copies of your child’s passport, birth certificate and a deposit. Our experienced Admissions team is on-hand to assist you through this process.

Once the visa is approved, the BRP card will be posted to the chosen location, either school or local post office. Our boarding staff will help to pick the cards up prior to the student’s arrival.

Airport Transfers

Transport via minibus or taxi, is organised for travel to and from the airport for all pupils who reside overseas at the start and end of every full school term. In order to make use of this service, students must arrive or depart on the specific arrival and departure dates stipulated by St Joseph’s College.

Transport can be arranged outside of these times but the costs associated with it will be charged to your school bill.  All our transport providers are vetted by the school.  The approximate cost of transport from Heathrow is £160. If you require further information about this service please contact our Admissions team.

Agents and Guardians

Pupils who normally reside abroad must have a UK-based educational guardian. St Joseph’s College works in partnership with AEGIS, the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students.

It is essential that all St Joseph’s students with parents overseas should have a guardian in the UK. This is to ensure that in circumstances such as school holidays or an emergency, there is an English-speaking adult in the UK responsible for them. Guardians must hold either a British passport or have permanent UK residency, and must provide the school with copies of the documents as proof.

It is the responsibility of each family to appoint a guardian.  Some families choose to use agencies and others arrange for local families or friends to fulfil this role. The school will call a meeting with the applicant, parents and guardian prior to the student’s arrival to ensure guardians are fully aware of their responsibilities.

Academic Support

Our students are fully supported to enable them to excel

Class sizes at St Joseph’s College are small, our students are motivated and our staff are highly qualified.  Form Tutors, pastoral managers and boarding staff monitor each student’s academic performance and effort closely.  In the boarding houses, supervised homework takes place five nights per week and teachers are available for extra support, and as required. Further additional support and mentoring are given to those wishing to apply to Oxford or Cambridge Universities. 

English Language lessons are offered from Year 7 to Year 13 as part of the curriculum for those who need additional support, with options to take IGCSE EAL or English GCSE, and IELTS at Sixth Form. 

University destinations for international students

Many of our students chose to study at degree level, and the quality and breadth of education they receive at St Joseph’s College prepares them well for life in leading universities.


Here you will find answers to some of the commonly asked questions about St Joseph’s College international admissions. Feel free to browse through the questions to learn more.

Can someone at St Jo’s check our Visa application and supporting documents before I submit them?

The Admissions team at the school can assist by checking all documents. However, it is the parents’/applicant’s full responsibility to carefully follow the UKVI guidance for visa applications. The school is not involved with the decision-making process regarding any application, does not have any influence over a decision, and cannot fast track any delays with the UKVI.

How do I collect my Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) after I arrive in the UK?

Your BRP card can be posted directly to St Joseph’s College, by entering our school’s unique ACL code for study visa applications: 2FE432. You can also choose the option to pick it up at a local post office, and our Boarding staff will be on hand to help you collect it once delivered.

If I have a student Visa, can I access healthcare services in the UK?

As part of your study Visa application, you will be requested to pay the NHS surcharge for the duration of your stay in the UK. You will then be covered by the NHS service, which includes visiting a doctor’s surgery (also known as a General Practitioner or GP), healthcare centres and hospitals. You may need to pay for dental treatments and for medicines prescribed by a doctor.

How do qualifications from other countries affect my ability to study at Sixth Form?

We know that different countries will take different exams at different ages, and we will endeavour to help guide you through the process of matching these to UK equivalents. If you have any questions about qualifications needed for Sixth Form, please contact our International Admissions team at [email protected] or call +44 1473 694576.

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