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An inspired
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ages 11 to 16

As they work and grow, the young people in our care are encouraged to reflect our values in every area of their lives: to aspire to great things, respect one another and the environment, and to develop the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Learning Within and Beyond the Curriculum

At St Joseph’s, education is a personal journey, shaped around the individual needs of each child. Our students are not on a conveyor belt being inexorably propelled towards a particular university. There are many more great destinations than one!

The senior years are a time of rapid development for children as they grow into teenagers, often with a very determined outlook of their own. We aim to give them all the opportunity to reach their full academic potential. For most, that will probably be taking the more traditional route towards higher education.

We understand that children learn in a variety of ways and mature earlier or later. Diversity of opportunity is vital in creating a balanced education. This is a time to consolidate the basics and move towards specialist subjects; some will fly ahead and some will take a little longer. We care about the progress, achievement and attainment of all.

St Joseph’s offers an extraordinary range of options beyond the curriculum – encompassing clubs, trips and visits, leadership, academic extension, adventure training and charity work – to broaden horizons and prepare students for the world beyond Senior School.

We are proud to cater for children of all abilities. The success of our curriculum in engaging and supporting such a wide range of students is outstanding.

In Years 7-9, students explore a broad curriculum that will provide a firm foundation for the ensuing GCSE examinations. A careful and detailed options programme in Year 9, ensures students and their parents are given the best help for making informed and appropriate subject choices. Our GCSE and BTEC option booklet describes each subject in detail

These options are taken alongside the compulsory subjects of English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Dual Award Science and FLW (Faith, Life and Well-being). 

Trips, visits, guest speakers and masterclasses enrich our broad academic curriculum. These include art tours in the UK and overseas. Theatre, industry and fieldwork trips enliven the curriculum, allowing the theory to be put into practice.

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Sport for pleasure is a hallmark of life at St Jo’s. Alongside our performance sports (Rugby, Football, Netball and Cricket), there are opportunities for pupils of all abilities to participate in a diverse range of activities, including trampoline, badminton, hockey, golf, swimming, squash, table tennis, athletics and gymnastics.

A significant number of students represent Suffolk, Essex, the East of England and beyond – some of these will go on to achieve national recognition in their chosen sports. Our coaching staff includes former professional players.

Inter-school fixtures give students the chance to represent St Joseph’s, whilst international tours demonstrate sport’s unifying spirit. We host an annual National Schools Rugby Festival, Netball Festival and Cricket Week, attended and supported by past and present students, families and staff.

As well as fun and fitness, we believe sport should deliver collaboration, ambition and resilience for girls and boys of all ages and abilities.​

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Creative spaces at St Joseph’s buzz with activity. We recognise that all of our students have the potential to astound us with their skills, ideas and fresh and modern outlook. In our art rooms, students are inspired by the world’s cultural treasures and produce their own. Facilities include a kiln, photographic darkroom and digital design studio.

Music is equally inviting, with a technology suite, practice rooms and a recording studio. The nearby drama studio accommodates rehearsals, improvisation, and academic and technical theatre work. We have a stylish textiles room and a dance studio. The Chapel offers an impressive auditorium.

Add the concerts, dramatic productions, an annual musical in a professional theatre and the stupendous Summer Arts Festival and you have an inspirational programme to fuel the ambitions of our most determined performers. Our partnership with Arts International, bringing theatre professionals into the school, and our Arts Council England and ArtsMark awards seal the deal. 

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The learning doesn’t end with the school bell; in fact, a whole new timetable starts at this time. Outstanding extra-curricular activities at lunchtime and after school are available to all students, mostly at no additional cost. It is now that students have the opportunity to indulge favourite hobbies, master skills and extend their academic reach. They are warmly encouraged to try something new too! We love it when young people grow in confidence by stepping outside their comfort zone.

Our extra-curricular programme varies from term to term to reflect the changing and seasonal interests of our students, but leisure and recreational activities; competitive sports, and cultural and arts activities always feature.

National and international trips and school exchanges, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, public speaking and Model United Nations offer leadership training, superb material for future university interviews and valuable preparation for adult life.

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Here you will find answers to some of the commonly asked questions about St Joseph’s College Senior School. Feel free to browse through the questions to learn more.

What Learning Support is available at Senior School?

St Jo’s Senior School has a designated Learning Support department providing assistance to students who require additional support in relation to for example Dyslexia Dyscalculia or ADHD. Our experienced staff work closely with students and families to provide tailored support, enabling our boys and girls to reach their full potential.

How can St Jo’s Senior School support my child’s transition from a smaller local school and help them feel confident and excited about this new chapter in their academic journey?

St Jo’s understands that moving to a new school can be daunting for some students and also for some parents! That’s why we offer several opportunities to bolster children’s confidence and excitement about joining us. Our Mission Impossible event provides incoming Year 7s with a chance to join our current Year 6s for a fun and immersive day before accepting a place at the College. Senior School students have two transition days in June. Year 7s  have the place to themselves when they join us a day ahead of the rest of the College in September. This means they get off to a flying start by meeting their classmates and teachers, and learning a little more about St Jo’s before the timetable begins.

What level of pastoral support is offered?

Pastoral care is never more necessary than for Sixth Formers, who are following important pathways toward their careers and who are on the verge of full independence. Support includes  Form Tutors and  Heads of Year, who know individual students well and are always available for guidance. Our Pastoral Support Assistant, Senior Pastoral Manager, team of Designated Safeguarding Leads and Vice Principal Pastoral will step in if asked or required. Quiet spaces for reflection and ‘decompression’ include the Chapel and Wellbeing Hub. There is also a student-led mental health action group, a full-time nurse on campus, and a qualified counsellor.

St Jo’s is rightly renowned for sport. Does it provide opportunities for less sporty students and those whose interests lie in other areas?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of our curriculum and extra-curricular offering. Sport is strong here, but so, too, are the creative and performing arts. Opportunities abound in public speaking and debating, engineering, enterprise and service. Regardless of whether your child is sporty or not, we will help them discover and develop their passions.

Why don’t we see St Joseph’s College in league tables?

St Jo’s doesn’t appear in league tables because we choose not to register for them. We do not recognise league tables as the best way to record our students’ attainment. We take students with a mixed range of abilities and we celebrate each individual Everest conquered. That said, St Jo’s proves that you don’t have to select academically to achieve well academically. We consistently ‘add value’ as our students outperform their forecasted grades. We do this through the provision of excellent teaching and learning opportunities and by ensuring our students are happy, challenged and esteemed. Happy students are much more likely to thrive and excel.

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