Tuesday 28 November 2023

Artist of the Month – November

Meet Bonnie (Y11), November’s Artist of the Month.

‘I first realised I had a passion for art when I was really little – it was my favourite lesson in primary school, and I had a teacher who really helped me to find happiness in using colours and shapes to create emotion.

‘I’m inspired by a lot of different artists, but specifically Kelvin Okafor, as he uses such small details to bring so much emotion through his art. I also appreciate the way he uses his talent to spread awareness for everybody’s beauty despite their background or story and it always comes across with such passion and power.

‘I would describe my work as detailed and intricate. I tend to spend the most time focusing on the littlest details. My favourite medium to use is pencil, specifically to draw people and animals, and I love the challenge of trying to make them as realistic as possible and show their emotion and purpose through the details.’

What about the future?

‘My ambition for art would be to have a career that nurtures my love for it and means that I can continue to use it regularly. A job such as architecture really appeals to me as I would be able to continue to get better. I also have big ambitions to get a good grade for my GCSE Art – to know that all the hard work has paid off. 

‘My advice for younger artists is to always continue to do art, even just for fun, and not to compare your work to others as everyone works in different styles and at different paces. It doesn’t mean they are any better than you as art is subjective to everyone.’

Thanks Bonnie.

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