Friday 15 March 2024

Artist of the Month : Elena Pearce

I’ve always been creative and artistic while growing up; whether that’s the many colouring books I’ve had throughout the years, making my own cards for my family or entering art competitions, but there’s no doubt I’ve always had an artistic flair.

My area of interest is architecture and particularly Georgian architecture because of the symmetry used. I love architecture within art. I’m also inspired chiefly by using colour within my work. I find that colour is the one thing that can bring a building to life.

Personally, I would describe my work as colourful and vibrant although some of the pieces that I’ve completed may not be as detailed and as realistic as they could be. I also see an importance in using colour to enhance the buildings’ structure; I feel the colour in a painting or drawing that I produce is the most important aspect of my work and I aim to inspire others to do the same.

I find that art can be very therapeutic and it never feels like a chore – it feels more like an obsession.

In the future I aspire to have a career involving art in some aspect. I’ve always dreamt of becoming an architect as I love buildings and houses, and that’s why architecture is the main theme of my art course, but I am still open other careers… something like graphic design or interior design. Personally, I feel that if my career/work involves a form of art I will most definitely feel as if I am not ‘working’ – which of course is the main aim. 

My advice for younger artists is that art can be used as a tool to escape from other subjects you are taking at school; it allows you to get lost within your imagination, which can be very therapeutic.

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