Friday 3 May 2024

Leah’s Ambition: leading the way for football at ITFC and St Jo’s 

Ambition is what motivates me to constantly pursue improvement and greatness in my personal, academic, and professional life. Balancing my career in football with my studies has been a challenge, but it is my desire to achieve in both that keeps me grounded. My ambition is to achieve a successful career in football, but I know this will probably have a limited time span and that I will need a good set of results to rely on. 

The College has been pivotal in helping me to achieve my goals by giving me access to a wide range of opportunities, resources, and a variety of exceptional staff. With a selection of extracurricular activities, professional development programmes and committed faculty members including the sports department, sixth form staff as well as my A-level subject teachers, the College has established a supportive environment that fosters my academic and personal growth. 

During my time at St Jo’s, there have been countless staff who have supported me academically, emotionally and in my sport. Mr Kemsley stands out as he has offered advice in all aspects of my professional development and shows genuine care for every student’s ambition and future happiness. All the sports department have invested in my growth both on and off the pitch through their continued encouragement and belief. Ms. Shorten in particular has supported me from the very start and has helped to build my self-confidence, leading to career opportunities I would never have thought I would or could do, like representing Ipswich Town Football Club. 

Having never lived away from home before, becoming a boarder and part of the St Jo’s community was a big step. Being part of such a successful football team last year really made me feel part of the College and the support we were given from fellow students and staff was truly amazing. 

One of the highlights has to be the send-off we were given as we left for the final of the ESFA National Cup where the entire school community lined the road to cheer us off. With our community behind us we became National Champions by winning all three trophies. 

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