Thursday 20 August 2020

St Joseph’s College Is Again Celebrating as GCSE Results Are Published

With so much to celebrate, St Joseph’s College students were hard-pressed to refrain from the good-natured hugging usually associated with results days. Instead, they allowed their smiles to say it all. Following the College’s superb performance across Level 3 qualifications last week, the Ipswich-based independent school has posted outstanding GCSE results.

Of the 69 students entered, 98% were awarded Grade 4 or above in GCSE English Language, 88% were awarded Grade 4 or above in GCSE Mathematics and 88% of students achieved five or more good passes including English and Maths.

Mrs Clarke, Principal of St Joseph’s, said: ‘This is a wonderful set of GCSE results to follow our students’ record-breaking achievement at A-level, BTEC and EPQ this year. We were fully confident they would do well as all the data pointed that way, but it is a joy to share in their celebrations today. Our students join us with a range of academic abilities and other talents and we consider helping them to make the very best of those abilities to be pivotal. Adding value is absolutely key for us.’

Deputy Principal, Mr Cinnamond, added: ‘This was an excellent set of results from a very strong cohort which fulfilled its potential. Make no mistake, the grades they achieved had to be worked hard for. Whilst they may have missed the usual external examinations, this cohort have certainly earned these superb results which were consistently evidenced in their mocks, classwork and coursework. We have attained our highest ever number of Grade 9s across all subjects, but just as importantly, students across the ability range have achieved grades which have done them proud. Our Grade 9 to 4 percentage is standing at its highest ever.’

Whilst the Upper Sixth leavers planted an apple tree on the College campus to represent the importance of being firmly rooted and the fruitfulness of learning, the GCSE cohort marked their educational milestone by adding four rose bushes – one for each tutor group – to the Serenity Garden, the area of the grounds in which the Results Day celebrations were held. 

Adding a further touch of sweetness to the occasion were individual boxed cupcakes, baked by local businesswoman Charley Hewitt, who was Head Girl of St Joseph’s College in 2017-18.

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