Thursday 29 June 2023

Global Sports Festival in partnership with NSX

We are taking what has been described as the “King Maker” of school festivals by the National press to a worldwide audience to broaden access and opportunity to more age groups and across multiple sports.

Introducing a new stage each year, held at a world-class venue, the St Joseph’s College Global Schools Sports Festival will expand towards a seven-stage event that offers a comprehensive experience for all and is shared across the world via our broadcasting partners NextGenXV.

Stage 1
UK – St Joseph’s College 2023

U18 Boys Rugby (Sat 21-Sun 22 Oct, closed – invite only)
U15 Boys Rugby (Fri 20 Oct)
U11 Boys Rugby (Sat 21 Oct)
U11 Boys & Girls Football (Tue 17 Oct)
U9 Boys & Girls Rugby (Mon 16 Oct)
U9 Boys & Girls Football (Wed 18 Oct)

In 2024 we are launching Stage 2 at a stunning European venue near Barcelona. A private resort, it offers elite athlete accommodation alongside world-class sporting facilities to host football and rugby for multiple age groups.

Stage 2
Europe – Barcelona (Cambrils Sports Village) 16-24 February 2024

U15 Boys Football (Fri 16-Tue 20 Feb)
U17 Boys Rugby (Fri 16-Tue 20 Feb)
U18 Girls Football (Wed 21-Sun 25 Feb)
U11 Girls Football (Wed 21-Sun 25 Feb)
U11 Boys Rugby (Wed 21-Sun 25 Feb)

Stage 3
USA – Colorado 2025
Registration opens September 2023

Stage 4
UAE – Dubai 2026
Registration opens September 2024 

With 37 years’ experience in delivering a world-class rugby festival, St Joseph’s College invites you to join us in Barcelona for Stage Two, where we will expand to both rugby and football for Under 11 to Under 18-year-old students. 

The five-day festival is outlined HERE and will include the same successful format of games and matches enjoyed at the traditional St Joseph’s College UK festival: two days of competition, complemented by opportunities for team activities, sightseeing and travel on the other days. 

If you are a school and would like to take part, you may register your interest HERE. We will follow up with you directly in the next week, to arrange a video meeting to talk through the proposition in more detail and answer any questions you may have. 

Cambrils Terms & conditions 

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