Thursday 24 August 2023

Celebrating The Outstanding GCSE Student Achievements

St Joseph’s College is delighted by the noteworthy GCSE achievements by its students, reflecting their dedication and hard work. With a strong focus on academic excellence and a commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals, St Joseph’s College continues to shine in producing high-achieving students ready to take on the next step in their education.

St Joseph’s College proudly achieved an impressive 85% of all grades at grades 4/C or higher, surpassing the national average GCSE pass rate of 68.2% in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

St Joseph’s College students also excelled when it came to higher grades, with an outstanding 35% of all grades awarded at grade 7/A or above, this is 13% higher than the national average. Additionally, 6% of all grades attained were a Grade 9. 

Thomas Sharman, reflecting on his GCSE results day, shared, “I was feeling really nervous on my way here, but now I’m relieved and incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved. I’m looking forward to starting at St Jo’s Sixth Form in a few weeks. I will be studying Engineering, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics. And hopefully playing in the upcoming Rugby Festival too.”

Annabel Arculus expressed her joy with her results, stating, “I’m really happy with how everything turned out, and I’m especially proud of the Grade 8 I received in History. It’s a subject I’ve always really enjoyed. I can’t wait to start at St Jo’s Sixth Form, where I’ll be studying Spanish, English, and Law.”

St Joseph’s College students excelled in specific subjects, with a notable 67% of students achieving grade 7 or higher in Textiles and an impressive 71% of students securing grade 7 or higher in Spanish. 

Mr Sacha Cinnamond, Deputy Principal of St Joseph’s , expressed his satisfaction with the results, stating, “Overall, we are very pleased with the GCSE results achieved by our students. Their dedication and resilience, especially in the face of recent challenges, have been truly commendable. These results reflect the commitment of both students and staff to academic excellence at the College.”

In addition to GCSE Results, some St Jo’s students collected their Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) and Foundation Project Qualification (FPQ) results, 84% of these students received an A*-B. Dr Breige Rice, teacher at St Joseph’s College, expressed, “It’s truly incredible to witness our students successfully completing these achievements at such a young age. The value of an FPQ, equivalent to half a GCSE, extends beyond the immediate results. It equips our students with essential skills that will undoubtedly contribute to their flourishing success in their future GCSE endeavours.”

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