Friday 7 May 2021

St Joseph’s College Mathematicians Really are Outstanding, with Six in the World’s Top Five Percent

A team of Year 9 mathematicians from St Joseph’s College performed outstandingly well in the World Class Maths Tests, organised by the World Class Arena (WCA). 

The Tests were originally created by the UK Department for Education to compare international standards and involve a gruelling two hours 30 minutes of computer and paper-based assessments. They test students’ ability to solve unfamiliar problems, using mathematical, analytical, and other higher-order problem solving strategies and, as they are designed for the top 10% of students, are incredibly demanding.

They aim to assess a depth of understanding and application beyond the usual expectation for the age group and the St Joseph’s team delivered. 

‘We are delighted with the outstanding set of results achieved by both individual College students and the St Joseph’s College team overall,’ said Mr Southgate, a member of  Maths Faculty and event coordinator.

‘Our students collectively performed amazingly in the key areas of Algebra, Number and Statistics, where they were each rated Excellent (the highest grade) by international standards. The WCA estimates that this places them in the top 5% of all students internationally in their age group – not just those taking the tests – and in the top 10% for Geometry. 

‘Facing the toughest of standards, Harry Willetts, Joseph Smith, Thomas Sharman, Toby Marshall, Tomasz Rafinski and Wallace Wong each gained a Distinction, placing them in the top 5% of all Year 9 students internationally. Congratulations as well to Lewis Hall for achieving a Merit and to Xanthe Baker-Woods and Fergus Cherrington on their passes.’

The event was held during the College’s Lower School Maths Challenge Week, which also saw our talented Year 7 and Year 8 girls and boys participating in the UK Junior Mathematics Challenge. The College has gained good results in this competition in the past, and is looking forward to receiving the results of this cohort in due course. 

A range of additional puzzles and code breaking challenges were also tackled across the Lower School, allowing all students the chance to practise their skills beyond the curriculum.

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