Thursday 10 December 2020

Why Prep School?

Everyone wants the very best for their child. I believe a prep school education enables each child to be treated as an individual, to feel valued, and, above all, to be their best.

Every child is different and unique and it is at this young age that excellent foundations can be laid, and a sense of aspiration created.

Academic standards and rigour are a given in prep schools; all educational establishments have their own record of academic ambition and exam success, but prep schools provide a great deal more than just exam success, offering additional value on many other levels. Our Prep School offers a wide and varied curriculum, enhanced by a diverse range of extra-curricular clubs and is an extremely welcoming environment.

We place equal value on what happens outside the core subjects – the importance of sport, music, drama, art, engineering and a varied programme of activities adds an extra dimension to a child’s education.

Extra-curricular activities introduce children to new skills, engage them in social activities, develop positive learning traits and help to shape their lives in a positive way. Every child has talents and skills, some of these are more difficult to find and recognise, but what our excellent Prep School education does is unearth these hidden talents.

We have introduced Engineering and Forest Schools to the Curriculum to ensure that we are offering the most relevant curriculum for our pupils as we want them all to have the tools to be able to make a positive contribution to a changing world.

Our Prep School curriculum is often enhanced by visiting speakers and by local and residential trips, helping to foster an understanding of cultures, attitudes and interests which lead to aspiration and mutual respect.

Our class sizes are smaller than state primary schools, with the ratio of staff to pupils being extremely favourable, and specialist teachers are often employed. This means that each child has a greater chance of being understood, valued and provided with the guidance they may need. We see brilliance in every child; they are all individuals and we provide a place for them to thrive.

Additional support, as well as further individual challenge, can be given when needed, building the confidence which is so important for a child. Our enthusiastic and passionate teaching staff inspire and nurture a love of learning and instil inquisitive learning in pupils, allowing all our girls and boys to become independent thinkers.

The happiness and wellbeing of pupils is of paramount importance and is at the heart of everything that St Joseph’s does and achieves.

Our Prep School plays an important part in nurturing young minds during their formative years and is vital in shaping each individual child – promoting self-esteem and the ability to grow, develop and flourish. Values, standards and expectations remain high on the list of priorities, as do discipline and mutual care and respect.

A sense of family epitomises prep school education, and schools are built around open communication.

It is important to involve parents in the school community and parents are always more than welcome to pop by and speak to the teachers. The partnership between parent, school and the child offers 360˚support, ensuring every opportunity for the child to flourish both academically and socially.

The very nature of education at St Joseph’s College Prep School ensures that children feel safe and secure. A wealth of happy memories is often a legacy, with lifetime friendships frequently being forged.

Prep schools come in all shapes and sizes, and ours forms part of the wider College environment, with pupils able to go all the way through to Sixth Form.

We like to strike a balance between traditional and innovative practice and our Prep School education ensures that every child will move to senior school as a well-rounded individual, having forged out a niche of their own. They are prepared for a changing and evolving world but, more importantly, they are ready for the next stage of their education.

Mrs Wood

Head of Prep

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