Wednesday 28 July 2021

Tips for reading with your child at home

Tips for reading with your child at home.

Talk about the book with your child before reading – you could introduce any words to them you think they will struggle with. 

Encourage your child to read a section again to make sure it makes sense and to improve the expression.  

Most children read using phonics, individual sounds s,a,t,n,i,p, then put them together i + t = it s + a + t = sat  If they are finding a book difficult, don’t ask your child to sound out every word – focus on words you know that your child can decode.  

Sometimes read with your child (paired reading) or take it in turns to read a page.  

Draw your child’s attention to repeated words – encourage them to read them by sight, instead of sounding out.  

Encourage your child to talk about what they are reading as they are going along, not just at the end – can they predict, comment, explain what’s happening?  

Keep reading sessions short and enjoyable – reading should never be a chore!

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