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What Makes Us Different?


About Our Students

In line with its ethos of valuing all children equally, the College selects students from a wide range of ability, recognising those pupils with high academic ability and/or who are exceptionally talented in Art, Drama, Music or Sport through its scholarship programme. We are able to support students who want to make Oxbridge applications, whilst also helping students with a range of GCSE performances to achieve their dreams of applying to and pursuing a university degree course. 

Academic Success - GCSE and A-level

Academic challenge is at the very core of everything we do, so that each pupil develops a keen sense of academic ambition and so achieves the best grades he or she can. Building and maintaining each pupil’s confidence in their academic ability is essential, as is ensuring that students who require additional support are given the appropriate support. We are very proud that students at St Joseph's perform in line with their academic ability whilst also accessing and being immersed in an extensive array of extra-curricular opportunities and activities. We believe that being able to develop a range of skills, knowledge and talents in a balanced manner is key to each child’s well-being and self-esteem and ensures that they become independent, successful and resilient young people at university and in the work place.

Our mission at St Joseph’s is to ensure that we meet the needs of each child’s heart, mind, body and spirit, developing our children into well-rounded, well-educated young men and women who can successfully and confidently take their place in society.

In line with many other independent schools, the College offers IGCSE courses in some subjects. IGCSEs are not included in the Government’s league tables, making direct comparison between schools more difficult.

The Independent Schools’ Inspectorate (ISI) judges schools on their last three years of results, as this gives a more reliable indication of performance and consistency of quality. You will find below a link to a summary of the College’s public examination results, shown using this three-year performance average. Also shown with the results summary is a list of further education destinations and courses, again taken from the last three-year period, which provides evidence of the successful outcomes that St Joseph’s students achieve. These include a number of prestigious Russell Group and Times Top 30 universities as well as a very broad range of subjects, reflecting the breadth of ambition that the College engenders in its students. 

In summary, over the last three years at A-level:

  • The top 10% of students have achieved an average of 517 UCAS points – equivalent to 3 A*, or 2 A* and 2 A grades
  • The top 50% of students have achieved an average of 380 UCAS points – equivalent of over 3 A grades
  • The average points score per candidate has been 300 UCAS points – equivalent of 3 B grades


Academic Success - Key Stage 2 SATs 

The St Joseph's College Prep School delivers impressive results. 2016 was the ­first year of the new Key Stage 2 SATs tests in maths, reading and grammar, punctuation and spelling. The tests assessed our Year 6 children against a national standard and were the ­first tests to reflect the new primary curriculum, which was introduced in 2014 and, in line with the new GCSEs and A-levels, are set at a higher and more challenging standard than the previous SATs.

We are delighted that in all areas, St Joseph’s College results are significantly above the national averages:

  • 83% of St Joseph’s Prep School pupils met the standard in Maths (nationally 70%)
  • 79% of St Joseph’s Prep School pupils met the standard in Reading (nationally 66%)
  • 83% of St Joseph’s Prep School pupils met the standard in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (nationally 72%)
  • Overall, 69% of St Joseph’s Prep School pupils reached the expected standard in all three subjects (nationally 53%)

Perhaps most significantly, 100% of pupils who had been in the St Joseph’s Prep School since Reception reached or exceeded the expected standard in all three subjects.