Wednesday 30 August 2023

Team Talks – Captain Emily Bates Tells Us About Her Time Leading St Jo’s U18 Girls Football Team…

Following her fantastic A-level results and her subsequent acceptance into Loughborough University, Miss Shorten, Head of Football, sat down with Emily to discuss how she felt St Jo’s has supported and helped her on her journey.

1. How did St Joseph’s College Football Programme help you as a player?

St Joseph’s College has improved me as a player in many ways. The coaching team pushed me to the best of my ability and I feel I have grown so much as a footballer over the past 2 years.

2. How did St Joseph’s College Football Programme help you as a person?

As a person, the football programme helped me grow in confidence leading me to do things I could never imagine doing 2 years prior.

3. What did you enjoy about the football programme?

The main reason why I loved the football programme was the inclusivity. To be able to train with the boys and grow in strength and technicality as a result was amazing. Not only this but all sessions had aims and goals that really pushed me to work harder.

4. What were your takeaways from working with the football staff department?

My main takeaway from working with the amazing football staff department was to always believe in myself and be confident to go outside my comfort zone even when things may not be in my favour. If you have the right mentality anything can be possible.

5. What was your best experience with St Joseph’s College Football Programme?

My best experience with the football programme was the ESFA final at Stoke City Stadium. This day is a core memory of my St Jo’s journey that I will not be forgetting anytime soon.

6. What are your next steps in your football career outside of St Joseph’s? (Club Football)

I plan to continue enjoying football as much as I have the last two years and I hope to be playing at Loughborough University in the near future.

Miss Shorten also spoke to Emily’s family about her time as a Joey.

“I just wanted to pass on our gratitude for everything you have done for Emily over the last ten years, from Suffolk PDC, ACC and through to St Jo’s! Emily was thrilled when you joined St Jo’s, she has a very high opinion of you as a coach and person (as do we!). Emily has had a roller coaster football year, with the low of not getting into the ITFC U21’s after pre-season with them in summer 22, through to the high of captaining the St Jo’s team at the ESFA final. Emily was low in confidence after the U21 decision and the St Jo’s football built that confidence right back up again. Thanks to you and the other coaching staff for that. Hopefully, Emily will continue her football journey at Loughborough and no doubt stay in contact with you.” Jon Bates

Emily has been a credit to St Joseph’s College throughout her time here and we wait with bated breath to see what amazing things this young woman does next.

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