Monday 2 July 2018

Students’ Vox Magazine Wins Two National Awards

The Shine School Media Awards is a national competition rewarding UK secondary schools producing outstanding newspapers, magazines, podcasts and websites.

Across the UK, teenagers are writing, drawing, printing, photographing, recording podcasts, building websites, broadcasting on school radio and publishing online… with the idea that this will one day be their career. Shine nurtures those aspirations with these annual awards – irrespective of the type of school or level of funding the entries receive. The process and prizes can offer career pathways, with award-winning students seeing their ideas and aspirations become reality.

The primary goal of the competition is to offer recognition of outstanding local creativity at a national level, lending exceptional students a helping hand for the future.

Awards were agreed by popular vote amongst the judging panel of industry experts.

The panel said of St Joseph’s College Vox magazine, ‘Well done Vox – this is a well-deserved award.  We’ve enjoyed watching this website grow over the past couple of years and suddenly it’s really hit its stride with a powerful mix of imagery, strong features and personal stories.  In particular judges commended the way the site felt constantly alive with fresh content running the gamut between articles, student photos and video backing it up.  Great work, St Joseph’s.’

Six St Joseph’s students who work on Vox attended the prestigious awards ceremony. The school had been nominated in three categories; Best Online Magazine; Best Homepage and Best Feature Article.  The day began with a series of workshops organised by the Awards’ sponsors, including Google and the publishing giant Hearst.  A delicious lunch followed and then the awards ceremony, where the students came away with the top prize in the first two categories – a great success!

Mrs Danielle Clarke, Principal of St Joseph’s College, said, ‘The announcement of these prizes came, coincidentally but fittingly, at the end of this year’s school Arts Festival. Boundless creativity is in evidence throughout St Joseph’s College and these media awards are yet affirmation of it. I warmly congratulate the entire Vox team, including the students’ staff mentor, Mrs Simpson Jacobs.’

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