Wednesday 23 May 2018

St Joseph’s Student Earns Prestigious Industrial Placement

Wilfred applied for a place on the Nuffield scheme having already developed some knowledge of engineering applications in the food industry and having lined up an industrial research opportunity with Ipswich firm, Christy Turner Ltd, for himself. Formed from five separate companies, each with its own individual expertise, Christy Turner’s worldwide reputation is based on the design, manufacture and supply of British-engineered high quality flaking and hammer mills, pulverisers, grinders and associated plant.

The company’s machinery is used by international clients engaged in the food, animal feed, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biomass processing, waste recycling, and mineral reduction.

Wilf will now be supported by the Nuffield Foundation to turn his industrial research at Christy Turner into a top-quality scientific project that will be eligible for entry into the UK Student Science and Engineering Festival. 

Chris Jones, Managing Director of Christy Turner, said, ‘Our experience of recruiting engineers and technicians within the region has shown we are desperately short of these skills within the younger generation. As a result we are delighted to be supporting an exceptionally bright and highly motivated student such as Wilfred gain some valuable experience within our industry. We hope in return we will get a fresh insight into where we should be focusing our research and development over the next few years.’

St Joseph’s College has played a huge part in Wilf’s success. Having met engineers from local companies at the St Joseph’s College Careers Fair, he now intends to study mechanical engineering at university.  He developed a particular interest in the food industry when he and fellow sixth-formers from the school took part in an initiative that allowed students to discover more about careers in technical and engineering companies across Europe, led by Mr Kemsley, Student Futures Co-ordinator.

The students visited Germany’s Dr Oetker factory, where they saw some impressive engineering applications and where Wilf was inspired to approach Christy Turner about the possibility of investigating new applications for their food-processing machinery.   

Wilfred is the third student from St Joseph’s to secure a place on the scheme in recent years – the others being his two brothers!  He has a tough act to follow: Francis was nominated for a Royal Society of Engineering prize at the National Science and Engineering Festival and is now in Dublin on a Masters in engineering. Aidan will qualify as a dentist next year.

Mrs Clarke, Principal of St Joseph’s College, said, ‘As a school we celebrate the family and so it is triply delightful to offer my congratulations to Wilfred, following as he is in the footsteps of his two older brothers who came to St Joseph’s before him. Nothing is more satisfying for College staff than to see the realisation of youthful potential.’

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