Thursday 17 November 2022

Little Jo’s Join Us Sessions

Christmas Term

Our ‘Join Us’ sessions are designed for little people. Each week we will have themed activities that the children will enjoy with the Early Years Foundation Stage principles in mind. 

The sessions run every Friday during term time, between 8.45 – 10.00 am, and are available for children who are approaching school age. 

For external families, there is a charge of £3 per family, per session, with light refreshments included. 

Friday 4 November: Let’s Play Friday 

Friday 11 November: Arty Friday 

Friday 18 November: Hygge Friday 

Friday 25 November: Messy Friday 

Friday 2 December: Funky Fingers 

Friday 9 December: Let’s Play Friday 

Let’s Play Friday saw children play with a variety of resources that enabled them to show curiosity about objects and people. They were willing to ‘have a go’ and initiate activities independently and they made links, noticing patterns in their experience.

Arty Friday, saw children use their fine motor skills and imaginations to create Autumn trees, firework art and leaf crowns.

Our ‘Hygge Friday’ focused on owls. The children enjoyed being imaginative and creating owl puppets which they used to retell the story of the ‘Owl Babies’. Owl paintings and bird feeders were made using their fine motor skills, and they all went home with bird spotter sheets to extend their learning beyond the session.

‘Messy Friday’ featured a variety of different kinds of messy play. The children found letters in the shaving foam, made potions and investigated the sand trays.

Last week in Funky Fingers Friday, we focused on our fine and gross motor skills. The development of muscles from the whole arm through to the fingertips provides children with the strength required to manipulate mark-making equipment. The children enjoyed building towers, using tweezers to create patterns with buttons, and a range of construction materials was available to encourage resilience and perseverance.

This Friday is Let’s Play Friday. We will have a range of activities and resources available that cover the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

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