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Birkfield Blog

Views and observations from St Joseph's College bloggers, including staff, students and the occasional special guest.

Release Date: 23.08.2020

It is hard to believe that the summer term of 2020 did not see a single ball bowled at the award winning, picturesque grounds of St Joseph’s. Students trained long hours throughout the winter, patiently waiting for their moment in the sun; the moment that unfortunately never came.

Release Date: 17.06.2020

News from Mr Kemsley: Focused and Dedicated Job Seekers Still Thriving in Difficult Times.

Release Date: 16.04.2020

Starting school can be an exciting, yet daunting and sometimes emotional experience for both children and parents. Parents spend many hours considering which school is best suited to their child. The deciding factors might include the quality of the educational provision, the pastoral care, facilities and location.

Release Date: 30.01.2020

Pupils at St Joseph’s College Prep School have a love of reading.  Naturally, some are more enthusiastic than others, but we are committed to developing our children’s reading abilities from the moment they start with us to the moment they leave us, using various methods and innovative ideas to keep our young children engaged and to stretch them academically. 

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