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Boarding Principles and Practice

Boarding at St Joseph’s College seeks to create a strong sense of Christian community within a supportive family atmosphere, where students can thrive and develop within a safe and enriching environment. We want our students to grow and mature knowing that each one is valued and respected and that they will reach out to the future with a confidence borne of a growing sense of independence, self-awareness and responsibility.

Staff strive at all times to be good listeners, consistent role models and well-informed about each student, taking care of the students as they would their own children. They also aim to be firm but fair, looking for the best in each student and encouraging qualities which lead to independence and preparation for a future for each young person which is fulfilled, productive, responsible, happy and successful.

Boarding staff believe that Boarding should:
• Safeguard and promote the welfare of the children and young people in its care at all times
• Reflect the ethos of the College – sharing a common purpose and set of values
• Create a safe environment in which to live, learn and develop
• Be a “home from home‟
• Be a secure and happy place
• Be a place where each individual is made to feel important and valued
• Be a thriving, supportive community
• Be a stimulating and welcoming environment
• Help students grow up to become well-rounded adults
• Create independent learners and independent adults
• Prepare students for the future
• Be a place where students can study effectively and where academic progress and success are valued and monitored closely

The Boarding staff will:
• Safeguard and promote the welfare of the children and young people in their care at all times
• Provide an appropriate model of behaviour and general good conduct to students
• Be firm but fair at all times
• Work closely and co-operatively with each student and their family within the policies and procedures of the College 
• Be good listeners
• Encourage independence
• Provide as much help and support to Boarding students and their families as is possible and practicable
• Be well informed about the students in their Boarding House
• Provide a suitable and stimulating range of activities
• Treat each student with the same kindness and care they would treat their loved ones
• Put students first
• Be mutually supportive and caring of each other
• Seek to identify each student’s interests, talents and abilities
• Assist the students in achieving their potential
• Keep students safe at all times
• Know the whereabouts of students at all times
• Liaise with academic staff and parents as necessary