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Our Mission

What we do

At St Joseph’s, we aim to provide the best all-round education within an inclusive Christian community – meeting the individual needs of each and every child’s heart, mind, body and spirit, nurturing them to be their best in all their academic and extra-curricular activities. 

St Joseph’s feels different. And that’s the way we like it! Our unique environment is shaped by our ethos, which combines strong Christian values with a distinctive approach to supporting and nurturing children within a friendly, family setting.

We believe...

  • That everything we do should be for the benefit of the child,
  • In the primary importance of actively safeguarding and protecting children,
  • That each child is individual and deserving of an equal educational opportunity,
  • That a community based on integrity, kindness, respect, courtesy and enjoyment creates the best learning environment,
  • In striving for excellence in all that we do, encouraging ambition and aspiration,
  • In embracing innovation as well as seeking, reflecting upon, and learning from feedback and experience,
  • In the power of the team and the importance of working collaboratively,
  • That inspirational leadership means leading by example and with humility,
  • That we have an important role to play in the wider community, both locally and globally,
  • In taking a longer term view for the greater good of the College and its pupils.


How we do it

The ‘essence’ of St Joseph’s College is learned and lived through the following core values, which underpin our unique ethos and environment. Our ethos is derived from the education philosophy and faith of St Jean Baptiste de la Salle, Patron Saint of Teachers, and the example set by St Joseph, Patron Saint of Workers.

 & Trust
Developing an awareness of faith, spirituality, awe and wonder and enduring belief in ourselves and trust in others.

Confidence & Self-belief
Participating in a diverse range of academic, creative and physical experiences with self-assurance of one’s own skills.

 & Achievement
Ensuring everyone makes maximum progress and reaches their potential
whilst ensuring that ambitions for future careers, personal goals and life-long dreams can be realised.

& Resilience
Providing a strong academic core and encouraging a desire
to succeed, in order to develop adaptable and life-long learning skills.

Respect & Dignity
Developing self-respect and moral values; an awareness of what it means to be a good citizen and respecting our own and other cultures, religions, values and beliefs.

 & Compassion
Providing a happy, secure and nurturing community, so we develop personally, take a full, active and constructive part in the life of our community and develop a sense of compassion and concern for others locally and globally.

Creativity & Open-mindedness
Seeking to innovate
by being imaginative and entrepreneurial whilst searching for and evaluating, conflicting opinions and sources of evidence.

Contribution & Service
Developing a community perspective and awareness (locally and globally) by meeting the needs of others and thinking beyond ‘the here and now’.

 & Enjoyment
Providing excellent teaching and learning activities which have meaning and purpose and bring benefit and enjoyment.

Self-regulation & Humility
Continually seeking 
to attain the highest personal standards, whilst appreciating the many ways that people contribute to our world.

To find out more about where we are going, click here to read about Our Vision and our College Development Plan.